Sundown Poet

from by O-Drab

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Poetry for eulogies, poetry for feeling... people have poetry for just about everything. Consider nursery rhymes a form of poetry, even. Music doesn't approach poetry, much less music without words. Modern day music often sings of spaghetti straps, and plastic bags. Is this the modern poetry? Those that say "no" will then offer you some soliloquy from Hamlet as proof of the value as such. Or they will offer some overwrought avant-garde deft wordplay exposition as the true depth of life. Minimalist, spoken in extremes... no middling grey area, everything absolute.

The aim with wordless music (and this music specifically) is to offer you poetry without the hassle of having to understand someone else's musings. Having to read and try to understand what someone else has felt... knowing full well that they are making delusional attempts at describing what we all feel as though they are somehow different and worthy of adoration as a result. Narcissistic cries for attention... demanding they as people possess more values than others merely because they have a deep "understanding" of life, or more so that they do NOT have a deep "understanding" of life, and their solemn devices lend them to be social outcasts. Yet there is an air of "coolness" to be recognized as such.

We all generally have the same ambitions, and those frauds feeling the need to exaggerate the world beyond what it mightn't be should probably reconsider. But this attitude is everywhere the world over.

So listen up, the sun has set on poetry. I'm not going to tell you that this music is better than any other. Fuck off with that, already. Listen to it, if your inner poetry proliferates beyond plastic bags and spaghetti straps, cool. This is your poetry, in your head... whatever it may be.

Grieve... grieve with it, grieve for it's horribleness. Get away from the song, and maybe grieve your life as it stands. When I was young, I grieved the innocence of stuffed animals, their eyes fashioned to make people smile... their fur meant to be cozy against your skin... made in a factory. I grieved the loss of my childhood. I grieved my own person for what it always seemed to be lacking. I even grieved the setting of the sun...

But had the sun not set, I would have never met the stars. If I remained a child I would have never met the world at large. The people, places and things to be experienced. As a species we grieve our losses. And we should... but the new day wrought from your consciousness and this never ending mystery bring you something you never expected the day before.

So let your mind wander while out for a listen. I did when I made these kinds of songs, and that's what came out. Where does it bring you?

Ditch the lyrical music. They definitely need your money...


from Auto Die, released October 25, 2014



all rights reserved


O-Drab Parry Sound, Ontario

Having no idea what to do musically is turning out to be a blessing. G#7?? WHAT?? No idea what it means...

But there is lots out there to express. The day to day musings, pains, pleasures... all with intricacy. Why not put some random notes down, and see where it takes you with that in mind?

That is the philosophy, for better or worse. I could just make music that already exists... but why??????
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