Cybernetic Singularity

from by O-Drab

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It might seem gradual to us folk... only a few years, really. And to the collective conscience it might seem as though we've been around forever. This is very misleading. When you think of the reign of dinosaurs, we're talking 175,000,000 years. Humans, in the anatomically modern sense, have a total reign of about 200,000 years. And in the last 200 we've gone into powered houses and use soap to wash our asses.

And in the last 20 we've gone from rotary dial telephones, and cathode ray 19 inch televisions to something altogether different.

And in the next 20, a computer will have the equivalent computational power of the entire human brain, with all of it's synapses, neural pathways, etc. It may not possess emotional reason, or even consciousness... feelings, or what have you, but at that point the computer is eligible to upgrade whenever it pleases.

Having self control over it's own design, and with the mental capacity to evolve at ever greater quantities, it enhances itself through each pass. In a quantum world, and with quantum computing, evolution itself will evolve.

As humans fritter away over their shitty economy, Honey Boo Boo, and fake plastic dog shit, machines will offer themselves the earth as a place to establish. Self replicating factory machines creating other machines with increasing amounts of power and prowess, eventually covering the surface of the earth and taking control of every system we invented.

This has been discussed a million times, but humans always write in the part at the end... where machines are destroyed by the human spirit, illogical choice, and emotion. Of course we would write that.

But we will wriggle and wither out a meek existence. And one of us... will be strapped to the gurney. A powerful computer detecting consciousness and learning how to access that dimension for their own benefit.

And we finish with the surface of the earth covered in an array of quantum disks, processing power, electric field generating machines residing quietly.

With immortality at hand, consciousness abound, and no need to tether the machine to Honey Boo Boo, or wash it's ass... the earth is free to survive in the cosmos, breaking free of the sun's demise and traveling the universe as a ship of sorts.

Why do you think that we haven't found one of these elite computer-planets quite yet? We're looking next to suns in our galaxy for planets like our own. Not for ones free of solar systems, operating on their own volition!!!


from Auto Die, released October 25, 2014



all rights reserved


O-Drab Parry Sound, Ontario

Having no idea what to do musically is turning out to be a blessing. G#7?? WHAT?? No idea what it means...

But there is lots out there to express. The day to day musings, pains, pleasures... all with intricacy. Why not put some random notes down, and see where it takes you with that in mind?

That is the philosophy, for better or worse. I could just make music that already exists... but why??????
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